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Fall 2021SpeakersTitle
Tuesday September 7thDr Martin Hirst (UBC)Epigenetic dysfunction in cancer genomes
Tuesday October 6thDr Will Pastor (McGill)DNA methylation patterning and function in the human placenta
Tuesday November 9thDr Cheryl Arrowsmith (U.Toronto)Probing the Epigenome for Therapeutic Opportunities.
Tuesday November 23rdDr Yannick Benoit (U.Ottawa)Emerging role of the histone methyltransferase G9a in cancer stemness and promises as a therapeutic target
Tuesday December 7thLivia Garcia (McGill)TBD
Tuesday January 11thTBDTBD
Tuesday January 25thTBDTBD
Tuesday, February, 8thDr. Harrison Gable (Washington University, St Louis)Understanding Disruption of Epigenetic Mechanisms in Neurodevelopmental Disorders