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 Winter 2021SpeakersTitle
Tuesday January 19thGeneviève DebloisEpigenetic reprogramming provides evasion from cytotoxic and metabolic-induced stress in drug-resistant breast cancer
Tuesday February 2ndMiguel Ramalho-SantosTuning transcription, playing growth, pausing development
Tuesday February 16thMathieu LupienChromatin determinants of normal and cancer stemness
Tuesday March 16thMark BedfordThe Three Rs of Signaling: arginine methylation, writers & readers
Tuesday April 13thIva ZovkicAn emerging role for histone variants in behavioural regulation
Tuesday April 27thÉtienne Audet-WalshTargeting metabolic and epigenetic vulnerabilities of prostate cancer cells
Tuesday May 11thEric MillotLeukemogenic mutations influencing NuRD recruitment to chromatin and gene regulation
Tuesday May 25thMeaghan JonesDNA methylation changes linking prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke with lung dysfunction in a mouse model
Tuesday June 08thMini SymposiumStudent presentations